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Albert and Yau have been making music together on one piano (sometimes two!) for more than ten years. Several global relocations later, they are still savouring the same magical arrival at Ravel’s Le Jardin Féerique.

They met one fateful evening in 2007, in the corridor maze of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, searching for a practice room. There, they discovered their mutual love for Fauré, and from that moment on, their appetite for exploring piano four-hand music has been unstoppable. Their partnership grew from sneaking into concert halls at midnight, hoarding library scores, philosophising Schubert over buffalo wings, and binge-playing on Saturday afternoons.

Some good did come out of all this organised chaos, as they have since presented piano duo concerts in three continents, appeared in Radio Television Hong Kong, Radio 4’s “Cantilena” programme, and planned many more such mischiefs together.

Even though Albert and Yau’s partnership was put on hold when they pledged loyalty to different schools in London (Royal Academy vs Guildhall), things eventually fell back into place when Yau decided that her piano at home needs a companion and acquired a second piano, which provided the key to the secret world of two-piano repertoire - Rachmaninoff no less.

Once again they are one faithful piano duo, and feel like they have only just started with this four-hand expedition of more recitals, recordings and sightreading marathons.

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